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Deep Dungeons
a Php-Gtk Role-Playing Game...

Deep Dungeons is a classic RPG written in Php with the PhpGtk library.
Christian Etuy (

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. 30/07/2003: Version 1.5 Released (Download)
. I'm still very bad in english, sorry
. Add "Objects System" (this will be usefull for the Inventory)
. Add "Life Bar"
. Add "Rest": Hero can rest and gain life if he is hurted
. Debug the "Last Actions" window
. Add "Load Game"... this is unusefull until the "Save Game" is ready, i know ;-)
. Change the attack/defense functions
. and some few others little things...

. 20/01/2003: Version 1.4 Released (Download)
. Better system for talking to NPC
. Better GtkLayout scrolling system
. Add Hero's Inventory (list of possessions, descriptions...)

. 17/10/2002: Version 1.3 Released (Download)
. Add NPC (Non Playable Caracter)
. Hero can Talk to NPC
. Add the independant add-on "SourceForge Forum Reader" (report to

. 08/08/2002: Version 1.2 Released (Download)
. Public-Bug #1 resolved: Deep Dungeons can now be launch directly on the "dd" directory
. Public-Bug #2 resolved: report to the manual (function connect):
"using connect() multiple times for the same event will NOT override signals --
rather it will add multiple handlers for the same event."

i did that mistake for the key_press_event (hero move)...
. Add: function Tapote_Mur(): The Hero can found money in the body of the monster...
(well... he cannot buy anything but he got money !!)

*** thanks to Kiouk (Cucumel Alexandre) for his help in this version. ***

. 24/07/2002: Version 1.1 Released (Download)
The Leak problem seems to be still here, but it appears only with low machine...
I cannot do something about that until the released of the Zend Engine 2 and php-gtk 2...
Today i launch the version 1.1... Deep Dungeons is playable... Please (please!) i need your feedback.

. 10/06/2002: Beta Test Released
To help me with this damn memory problem, i have decided to release a beta test...
Please download Deep Dungeons and help me in the Forum...

. 09/06/2002: MEMORY PROBLEM STILL HERE ! :-(
yes... the leak is still here... with the new display system, the memory is better, but the problem is still here.
The php-gtk memory error appears when lot of pixmaps are created...

. 22/05/2002: MEMORY PROBLEM RESOLVED ! :-)
Very Good !! i've resolved the memory problem, as i explained in the forum (Forum),
in spite of destroying a GtkPixmap, i hide it to use it in the future (in some different level of the dungeon): so no more memory is used !!
Great ! the game is not dead !!!

. 15/05/2002: SERIOUS MEMORY PROBLEM ! :-(
Please read the Forum to help me !!

. 07/05/2002: Firsts Screenshots !
So this is Deep Dungeons: the first game in Php-Gtk... as you can see.. it is not very beautifull yet :-)..

. 29/04/2002: Php-Gtk new Release: Version 0.5.1 (ChangeLog)

. 29/04/2002: Website open !
Deep Dungeons has his website open !!
The first release will be out in a few days...